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A large number of tire fires endanger the adjacent housing Baotou fire emergency fighting


At 4:29 on March 13, the Guyang Squadron of Baotou Fire Protection in Inner Mongolia received a warning from the command center that the tyres stored opposite Guyang Square on the roadside of Alata Street were on fire and the situation was very urgent. Upon receiving the order, the squadron immediately dispatched two water tank fire trucks and eight officers and soldiers to the scene.
After the fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene, they found that a large number of tires near the house caught fire, and the fire was fierce, emitting strong black smoke, which spread rapidly, endangering the adjacent houses at any time, and the situation was urgent. After preliminary understanding of the situation, squadron commanders quickly issued operational orders: first, on-site vigilance and investigation to ensure the entry of unrelated personnel; second, suppression and control of fire with water cannons; third, rapid fire extinguishing with direct current water guns. Fifteen minutes later, the open fire was controlled, and the fighters quickly wore air respirators to extinguish the fire at close range. Meanwhile, the unburned tires were cleaned and tidied by means of tools. After about an hour of intense fighting, the fire was put out.