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Qingdao Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade Breakthrough Robot Tire Enterprise


Reporters learned from Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau on the 23rd that Qingdao's "Twelfth Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Plan "Key Technologies Research and Demonstration Application of Economic Robot System for Rubber Tire Industry" project has passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which is another breakthrough in Qingdao's transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry with intelligent manufacturing.

The project, led by Soft Holding Company Limited, was jointly completed by Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Harbin University of Technology and Northern University of Technology. It has invested 44.48 million yuan in research and received 9.48 million yuan in special funds. The project lasted three years and successfully developed four kinds of robotic systems, including forming robot, embryo handling robot, embryo sorting robot and embryo gantry handling robot. The system has been demonstrated and applied in many large tire enterprises, such as Sailun Jinyu Group, and has effectively solved the production and manufacturing process in the special environment of tire industry. The problems of labor intensive and labor intensive in China have raised the level of Intelligent Manufacturing in tire manufacturing industry and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

 Up to now, the project has directly gained 160 million yuan in economic benefits and 333 million yuan in profits and taxes through the transformation of achievements or technology transfer.