Huajun tire

Huajun tire

Create value for customers and build brands for the industry.

Huajun people will be high-quality products, sincere service, a wide range of friends, sincere to the five lakes merchants. Willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to work together to create a better future!

Huajun tire

Huajun tire

Create value for customers and build brands for the industry.

Huajun products are exported to overseas, and with a number of large domestic tire enterprises to establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation.


Huajun tire

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Huajun people will be high-quality products, sincere service, a wide range of friends, sincere to the five lakes merchants. Willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to work together to create a better future!

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What is the choice of inner tube


What is the choice of inner tube, several key points    

1The inner tube specification corresponds to the outer tube;

2The length of the air nozzle corresponds to the height of the rim section;

32. The air nozzle corresponds to the air nozzle hole of the rim;

4Positioning and difference of inner tube wall thickness;

5Function of removable air nozzle for French nozzle inner tube;

6Characteristics of butyl rubber and latex inner tube;



1Starting from the inner and outer tire specifications:

For example, your tire size is26*1.95, then the inner tube is selected26*1.9~2.125Specifications can be, and so on, the corresponding relationship; However, some outer tires are not easy to buy inner tires, such as all-terrain ones.26*2.3,27.5*2.35The outer tires, their corresponding inner tires, are rarely stocked by sellers. In fact, buying.2627.5))*1.9~2.125The inner tube can also be used,Inner tube can support nominal range+-20%Specifications of the outer tire,If you pay attention to the instructions for building a large inner tube, this sentence is written on it.


2Selection of air nozzle length:

The choice of the length of the air nozzle is actually to facilitate the connection of the pump. Gas cylinder is generally divided:

TaiwangiyoAs a representative of the plug-in air nozzle, the air nozzle is higher than the height of the rim section15mmIt is convenient to cheer up;

The screwing represented by American Thunder is a gas nozzle. Air nozzle is higher than the height of the rim section10mmIt is convenient to cheer up.

The height of the rim section is in the figure.20.


Of course, the problem of dynamic balance can also be considered. Generally, the opposite side of the aluminum ring air nozzle hole is the rim interface, which will be heavier. The opposite air nozzle can balance the lower counterweight.


3The beautiful mouth and the French mouth should correspond to the air nozzle hole of the rim.


The picture above is clear.

Outer diameter of French mouth6mm, the corresponding diameter of the rim air nozzle hole6.3mm, the French mouth inner tube can be installed on the beautiful mouth rim;

Beautiful mouth outer diameter8mm, the corresponding diameter of the rim air nozzle hole8.5mm. The inner tube of the beautiful mouth cannot be installed on the rim of the French mouth.

The French mouth has better air tightness and more convenient adjustment of air pressure. These are the simplest and clearest differences.


4Wall thickness of inner tube

Guestsa: Give me a better highway inner tube. The expensive one is only a few tens of dollars.maxxisYes, the old tire has been punctured recently.


Huajun Customer Service: The one you mentionedmaxxisThe inner tube is ultra-thin0.6mmWall thickness, the price is expensive because of thin wall thickness, light weight, high processing technology requirements, brand and origin problems, light weight is only suitable for competition, in fact, it is not resistant to binding.


Guestsa: Huh?


Huajun Customer Service: Dozens of dollars2A Huajun leather is durable,0.9mmThe general wall thickness.


Inner tube wall thickness is generally divided into the following:


0.45mmWall thickness, the thinnest inner tube, feels like a piece of paper, or like a condom? Suitable for competition needs, extremely not durable;

0.6mmWall thickness, Ultra-thin inner tube, feels very thin to the touch, durability is good, many pursuit of lightweight riders daily equipment;

0.90.87mmWall thickness, Standard thickness inner tube, the most common, durability and cost-effective, suitable for Volkswagen riders;

1.2mmWall thickness, downhill inner tube, anti-puncture and explosion-proof, cross-country, all-terrain, downhill road sections, bouncing and jumping are the most resistant to operation;

0.73mmWall thickness, also belongs to ultra-thin inner tube, but the market share is very low, the benefits are not as good0.9, light weight is not as good0.6It was embarrassing.


5Applicability of inner tube with detachable mouth

As above, the detachable French mouth

Basically all the air nozzles of the tube tires are removable air nozzles;

High-end French mouth inner tube, many are of this kind, Shiwen, horse brand all-line French mouth inner tube so,maxxisGeneral agents order, these two years also all ordered removable gas nozzle.


What are the advantages:

1. Now that carbon fiber wheels are approaching step by step, high-frame wheels are more common, and the detachable French mouth is convenient to install the extension mouth with the best air tightness;

22. Convenient irrigation of tire repair liquid;

3The inner tube is scrapped, the air nozzle core is removed, and it can be used for standby or sold for money.


6Butyl rubber and latex inner tube

Latex inner tube relative to everyone commonly used butyl rubber inner tube, has a lower rolling resistance, thus bringing the best sense of the road on the inner and outer tube structure!

Latex tube air tightness is poor, may be a few days to pump, this is the material characteristics;

It is forbidden to use the tire crowbar when installing the latex inner tube, and at the same time carefully check whether the outer tire clamps the inner tube;

latex inner tube material is actually the material of condoms.

Butyl rubber has good air tightness, durable leather and worry-free, low latex rolling resistance, three days and two ends of gas pumping, low rolling resistance and good road feeling.




In addition, under the tire pad, he is the most intimate contact with the inner tube partner:


1. tire pad material has Elastic, sleeved into the rim


1The width of the tire cushion must strictly correspond to the inner width of the rim section.

As above,Inner width of section20mmIn fact, this section must be22mm~25mmOnly the left and right tire pads can be used, The cross section of the rim is a straight line distance, in fact, the cross section is curved. In long-term use, there is no rubber on the back of the nested tire pad,It is possible to shift left and right, and it is also possible to foldIt is possible to expose the sharp spoke holes on the rim.


The width of the nested tire pad must be wider than the width of the rim section.2~4mm!!

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